Most people will be enrolled in medicare when they turn 65. Here are answers to some of the most frequently asked questions and information on how to register and benefits.

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Two Main Options…

As part of our discussion we will go over the differences between two Medicare design options.

medicare plan options
Medicare Supplement
medicare and medicare advantage comparison
Medicare Advantage/Part D

Medicare and You Handbook

Learn more about the different Parts of Medicare and understand your coverage through the different aspects of the Program.

Medicare & You Handbook

However you choose to personalize your Medicare coverage, you will first need to sign up for Medicare A + B.

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Step 1

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Step 3

Sign up for a my Social Security Account

The button below will take you to my Social Security to sign up for an account.
The my Social Security Account will be where you can view your letter of confirmation for Medicare Parts A and B.
Set up SSA account

Sign up for Medicare

Once you have signed up for an account with Social security,  go to:
Choose “Apply for Medicare Only”
Follow the steps to “Start a New Application”
Apply for Medicare

Check Status

After a week, check your my Social Security account for your status with Medicare. Login to check messages for a letter with information needed to fill out applications for a Supplement and Part D or a Medicare Advantage Plan.
Check back w/SSA


If you are greater than three months from when you were eligible, you will need to have your employer sign this form.
This confirms with Social Security and Medicare that you had coverage by an employer so you won’t have a penalty for late sign up.
It also lets them know that you have a special enrollment available.
Click button below to get the Employer form needed to sign up if a person has had employer coverage after 65.
Employer Form

Medicare FAQs

Medicare is the federal medical insurance program for:

  • People 65 and over
  • People of any age who qualify for social security disability benefits and have been receiving these benefits for at least 24 months
  • People of any age diagnosed with End-Stage Renal Disease (ESRD)
  • People of any age diagnosed with ALS

You need your Medicare card. And we can help you with that process.

If you are receiving Social Security Retirement benefits
You should get your Medicare card with A&B about 3 months before your Medicare eligibility date. Once you have your Medicare card, you can sign up for a Medicare Supplement, PartD or a Medicare Advantage Plan.

If you are turning 65 and don’t take Social Security yet
You could create a mysocialsecurity account and then apply for Part A and Part B thru the CMS website.  The info is on our website, but we would gladly walk you through it.

If you worked through your Initial Open Enrollment and had group Coverage
You will need this form signed by your employer showing that you were covered so that you qualify to get Part B. You will submit the completed and employer signed form with your Part B application.

  • The first of the month in the month of your 65th birthday. If your birthday is on the first of the month, benefits start the first of the month prior to your 65th birthday.
  • When your employer coverage ends (65 and over).
  • When your Part B coverage starts.

Call me so we can discuss your current:

  • Names of Medications
  • Frequency/Dosage
  • Pharmacy Choice

Using this information we can compare all available plans and help you choose the best one with our proprietary software.

There are many plans to choose from and according to your specific healthcare needs and preferences we will be able to find the one that is best for you.  We’ll discuss your current coverage, what you like and dislike about it. I will also ask you your doctors’ names so we may ensure they are on the chosen plan.

Great question! Probably “yes”… and “It depends.” Call me so we can meet and I can show you a comparison of costs and benefits and explain the “Medigap” options.
If you sign up through me, I will follow-up and ensure the processing goes smoothly. I will keep you updated on everything. I will continue as your agent and help you regarding questions on your claims, open enrollment, and all concerns.

We’re happy to help you understand the Medicare program and confirm if your doctors are covered under your plan.

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