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Health Law’s Strains Show

An article from the Wall Street Journal, dated 11/02/2015. Health Law’s Strains Show As third enrollment season kicks off, insurers move to curb costs, boost premiums BY ANNA WILDE MATHEWS The Affordable Care Act’s third open enrollment season got under way, with a new array of health plans that show how the law’s influence is [...]

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Health Net closing PPO Los Angeles network in 2016

On January 1st 2014 many people lost their plans because the coverage they had was not ACA compliant.  This was especially true in the individual and family insurance sector (plans that are not provided by an employer), because there was less “grandfathering” in this health insurance sector.   In 2014 some companies stopped selling health [...]

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Look Before You Leap

With all the buzz about “health insurance exchanges” and “insurance subsidies” you may be preparing to spring into action. My advice: “look before you leap.” There are many unanswered questions, and the information presented isn’t comprehensive or conclusive. Here are some things to ponder: If you surrender current coverage, could you get it back? There [...]

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