I won’t lie to you-this year in particular, it is going to be challenging to find the health insurance you deserve.

Well, don’t worry.  I’m here to help you.  I’ve been preparing for open enrollment for some months now, and I’m ready to find you the best possible health insurance plan available, a plan that protects both your health and your wealth.  

Many health insurance agents have decided not to sell policies in “the exchange,” some have also decided not to sell directly thru the insurance carriers.

This will leave many consumers without the help they need to decide which plan is the best for them in the coming year.   It will also further compromise the individual health insurance market.

 I can’t blame them though, there are other products out there that pay more, require less time and are long term policies.  Specifically, many are concentrating on Medicare and Group insurance.  

 Speaking of group coverage, for some small businesses, especially family owned/run businesses, going to small group coverage may be the best fit.  I will be evaluating my policy owners who have small businesses to see if it makes sense for them.

 I am client centered to an extreme and that’s why I have a lot of individual and family clients.  I’ve always had individual coverage as a small business owner and I enjoy helping these clients.

I feel that with strong communication, fantastic back office help and clients who are knowledgeable and empowered, I can get thru this with you.

 So let’s tackle it together…

Information we need to make the best decisions is not completely in yet.  I have put together this form for you to fill out so that I can research and compare for you.  Then we’ll discuss the options and you can let me know what your final decision for 2018 will be.

 I’m confident and I look forward to changes coming in the near future that will make health insurance more affordable and consumer directed-I’ll keep you posted.